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$50 challenge – 7 nights of dinners for a Family of Five – Coles Edition

The Goal:

Feed my family of five, filling and relatively healthy meals for a week shopping at only one major retailer, this week is Coles.

The Rules I Set for myself:

  • Everything has to be bought from Colesin a whole amount, not counting half a bag of something. 
  • I’m allowing myself basics like cooking oil, butter, salt, pepper, spice, and condiments like soy sauce.
  • I am working our prices off these items and I will make enough to feed 5 adults, but I will substitute gluten-free options for my portion in relevant meals.

The Shopping list:

Whole Chicken 4.50/kg$9.78Cans of Red Kidney beans (400gm) x 2$1.60
2kg Rice$2.80(Frozen) Coles Mixed Veg 1kg$2.20
Pasta 500gm$0.80(Frozen) Coles Corn Kernels 1kg$3.20
Spaghetti$0.80Cauliflower Rice (300gm) (Fresh)$1
Shredded Cheese (250gm)$4.60Zucchini (Fresh)(131gm)$0.46($3.50/kg)
Sausages 24 pack$12Pumpkin (Fresh)710gm$0.71($1/kg)
Can of Lentils (400gm)0.80I’m Perfect Carrots 1.5kg $1.50
Can of Diced tomatoes (800gm)$1.50I’m Perfect Onions1.5kg$1.90
Textured Vegetable Protein (400gm)$4Total =$49.65

Some of these were specials, like the whole chicken but you could swap that for a 2kg bag of chicken legs for $7.

I tried to stay with everyday items that should be cheap every week.

The Meal Plan:

Stay tuned for the Results!