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$50 ALDI Challenge – Results

The challenge is done and dusted and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

I fed my family of 4.5 for less than $50 for dinner for a whole week, in fact, we even had some leftovers at the end.

I really enjoyed this challenge, I would have loved a little more variety in my veggies by the end of the week, but we were all fed and the food was delicious.

Some of these prices have increased since this challenge, (they changed the following week) so you might have to leave off the garlic bread which was a luxury item, and get the 600gm eggs instead of the 700gm.

The Shopping List

Potatoes 3kg Bag$4.49Spaghetti 500gm $0.79
Carrots 1kg Bag$1.99Pasta 500gm$0.79
Onions 1kg$2.49Corn kernels 1 kg$2.49
Chicken bulk pack $9.99/kg$13.63Shredded Light Tasty cheese 500gm$4.99
Rice 2 kg bag$2.79Eggs 700gm$3.89
Cream 600ml$3.39Extra Item (optional)
Pork mince 500gm$3.99Garlic Bread$1.89
Frozen Peas 1Kg$2.09Total Cost:$49.70

Would you like to see me do this again?

A fortnightly budget of $100 for a family of Five would give much more variety and bang for you buck.

Woolies and Coles to see what dinners I can make for $50?

Let me know below.