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Side Hustling: A History.

I love the art of the side hustle, there is something really amazing about seeing how $5 here and there adds up to thousands of dollars. Before 2019 I made a few hunters dollars a year from things like Marketplace and loyalty cards but then I started to take things more seriously to get us out of debt faster.

In 2019, I made approximately $3,000.

I didn’t start seriously tracking my hustles till July 2019 when I really started getting serious about hustling. I’ve made the effort to make side hustling my main hustle. $5 here and $5 there really made a huge difference in our Debt-Free journey. It helped us to throw extra money in our snowball and speed things along. We ended up paying off over $60,000 in debt in under four and a half years. Its been a slow and steady process.

Learning and evolving so I can make more with less time. I do all of this while raising 2 kids and in 2021 having a new baby boy.

Some of my hustles have continued over the years but I’ve also weeded out the ones that take too much time for little reward and doubled down on the ones that I enjoy the most.

In 2020, I made $7,651.90 in side hustles.

In 2021, I made $16,908.12.

2021 was my best year yet! I started with a goal of making $10,000 and had smashed that by July. So in true hustler fashion, I increased that to a stretch goal of $15,000, and somehow even with being super pregnant and having a baby, we managed to break that one too. That is the power of goals and tracking your progress. I also released my very own eBook.

I worked incredibly hard to get as much done early in the year to buy myself some grace as I got super pregnant and for when the new baby came in November. I also made sure to keep building up my passive income streams which I’ll talk more about later.

Now, 2021 was a hell of a year and I had some really lucky breaks income-wise so the plan is to try and hit $15,000 again next year before I even think about increasing my goals.

In 2022, my goal is to make $15,000 in side hustles.

There are a few new lines on my spreadsheet this year and plenty of room for more.

This year I am putting more of a focus on passive income. A lot of what I do is very active income and working for myself with kids means I never quite know how my day is going to go and if I don’t work I don’t get paid. I also don’t get superannuation or sick leave. So by focusing on some more passive income I’m hoping to insolate my family a bit more for when trouble strikes.

I’m especially excited to start making and tracking my AdSense revenue this year. Between the Blog and the Youtube Channel I have been growing for nearly a year now, we should start to see some returns in the first quarter of 2022.

What are your side hustle goals for 2022?

The spreadsheet I use is here along with lots of other awesome trackers and budget templates for you to use.